MLOps made simple

Discover how Titan is helping Data teams to easily train, deploy and scale their models.

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Transform your models into ready-to-use, scalable REST APIs with just one command. Get to production 10x faster.

$ titan deploy

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Run arbitrary workloads in the Cloud to speed up the training of your models or any other computationally costly tasks.

$ titan jobs

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CI/CD Integration

Seamlessly integrate Titan Services and Jobs into the CI/CD tool of your choice to create your own ML production-ready pipelines

GitlabCI, GH Actions, Jenkins...

Speed up your ML initiatives

Simplicity. Minimalism. Robustness.

MLOps has never been more accesible to Data Teams. No DevOps. No hassle.

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Get to know TITAN

Titan offers a simple and minimalistic approach to deal with the complexity of putting ML models in production.

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Jupyter notebook integration

Titan comes with a built-in Jupyter Notebook integration to get things up and running straight from your Notebooks

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Train, Deploy & Scale

Easily expose and scale models through REST APIs

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Command Line Interface and Web UI

Interact with Titan through our CLI or through the Web Dashboard

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Cloud Agnostic

Use Titan in the cloud of your choice, public or on-prem

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Version control

Titan automatically tags models and datasets to manage your ML projects

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Configurable Hardware Provisioning

Simple hardware provision through YAML spec